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Between Riverside and Crazy

“Between Riverside and Crazy” opens July 12, 2019 at Studio Theatre, Lindenhurst.Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 2015, this play features retired policeman Walter Robertson who files a discrimination case against the City of New York after being accidentally shot by another cop…but then the truth comes out.

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Death Trap

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“Death Trap” opens May 3, 2019 at Studio Theatre, Lindenhurst. This thriller broke all Broadway box office records in its legendary run. Mystery writer Sidney Bruehl uses his cunning to lure victims into his deathtrap, until the tables turn.

The Dining Room

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“The Dining Room” opens March 22, 2019 at Studio Theatre, Lindenhurst. This touching drama is centered around one dining room table and the different generations of family members who gather around it as time goes by.

The Caine Mutiny Court Martial

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“The Caine Mutiny Court Martial” opens February 15, 2019 at Studio Theatre, Lindenhurst. Based on the movie classic starring Humphrey Bogart, this stage version brings us into the court room for the trial of the officers who relieved unstable Captain Queeg of his command.

Eastern Standard

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“Eastern Standard” opens January 11, 2019 at Studio Theatre, Lindenhurst. An early comedy by the author of the Babylon Line and Our Mother’s Brief Affair. Eastern Standard’s sophisticated, controversial comedy depicts a group of yuppies who think it would be a good idea to invite an irrational homeless woman to share their Hamptons beach house.