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A Doll’s House, Part 2

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“A Doll’s House, Part 2” opens September 7, 2018 at Studio Theatre, Lindenhurst. Nominated for 8 Tony Awards just last year, this play receives its LONG ISLAND PREMIERE at Studio Theatre. Henrik Isben shocked audiences 150 years ago in The Doll House when Nora walked out on her family, but in this new play there is a knock at the door and Nora is back…..


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“Disgraced” opens July, 2018 at Studio Theatre, Lindenhurst. Pulitzer Prize winner of 2013. Studio Theatre presents THE LONG ISLAND PREMIERE of this shocking drama about a successful Pakistani American lawyer who faces devastating betrayal.

The Jackie Mason Musical

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“The Jackie Mason Musical” opens June 22, 2018 at Studio Theatre, Lindenhurst. Along with a hilarious cast, Jackie Mason’s daughter stars in this musical comedy based on real events that happened with her famous father, played by David Gordon.

Bermuda Avenue Triangle

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“Bermuda Avenue Triangle” opens June 1, 2018 at Studio Theatre, Lindenhurst.

An Italian widow and a Jewish widow get taken by the same charming swindler in this hilarious comedy.

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The Babylon Line

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“The Babylon Line” opens February 22, 2018 at Studio Theatre, Lindenhurst.

An electrifying new play set in Levittown in 1967 tells the story of an NYC writer who comes out on the LIRR to teach an adult education class to students who show him he has a lot to learn.

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An Inspector Calls

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“An Inspector Calls” opens January 12, 2018 at Studio Theatre, Lindenhurst.

A quite evening in a British home is shattered when a police inspector arrives to question the family about a young girl’s mysterious death.

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Winter Wonder

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“Winter Wonder” opens November 24, 2017 at Studio Theatre, Lindenhurst.

A delightful and elegant evening of song and dance featuring standards and show tunes that celebrate the winter and holiday season.

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Don’t Drink the Water

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“Don’t Drink the Water” opens October 27, 2017 at Studio Theatre, Lindenhurst.

An early comedy classic by Woody Allen in which a caterer from New Jersey and his wife end up trapped behind the iron curtain

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Why Torture is Wrong and the People Who Love Them

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“Why Torture is Wrong and the People Who Love Them” opens September 29, 2017 at Studio Theatre, Lindenhurst.

An outrageous comedy about a young woman who wakes up to discover that she may have inadvertently married a terrorist. Guaranteed to offend.

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